House of Councillors (Japan)

House of Councillors


Coat of arms or logo
Chūichi Date, LDP (caucus: independent)
Since 1 August 2016
Akira Gunji, Independent
Since 1 August 2016
Political groups

Government (151)

  LDPPJK (126)
  Kōmeitō (25)

Opposition (91)

  DPFP (24)
  CDP (23)
  JCP (14)
  Ishin (11)
  SDPLP (6)
  Kibo (3)
  Energize (2)
  Okinawa Whirlwind (2)
  Independents (6)
Parallel voting:
Single non-transferable vote (146 seats)
Party-list proportional representation (96 seats)
Staggered elections
Last election
10 July 2016
Next election
July 2019
Meeting place
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Chamber of the House of Councillors
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The House of Councillors (参議院, Sangiin) is the upper house of the National Diet of Japan. The House of Representatives is the lower house. The House of Councillors is the successor to the pre-war House of Peers. If the two houses disagree on matters of the budget, treaties, or designation of the prime minister, the House of Representatives can insist on its decision. In other decisions, the House of Representatives can override a vote of the House of Councillors only by a two-thirds majority of members present.

The House of Councillors has 242 members who each serve six-year terms, two years longer than those of the House of Representatives. Councillors must be at least 30 years old, compared with 25 years old in the House of Representatives. The House cannot be dissolved, as only half of its membership is elected at each election. Of the 121 members subject to election each time, 73 are elected from the 47 prefectural districts (by single non-transferable vote) and 48 are elected from a nationwide list by proportional representation with open lists.[1]

Current composition

(as of 23 October 2018 [before opening of 197th Diet])[2]

Caucus (English name)
(domestic name)
Term expires Total
July 25, 2022 July 28, 2019
Jiyūminshutō・Kokumin no Koe (Liberal Democratic Party, Voice of the People)
57 69 126
Kōmeitō (~"Justice/Fairness Party")
14 11 25
Constitutional Democratic Party and the Minyūkai
16 8 24
  The Democratic Party for the People and the Shin-Ryokufukai
14 9 23
Japanese Communist Party
Nihon Kyōsantō
6 8 14
Nippon Ishin no Kai (~"Japan Innovation/Restoration Association") 6 5 11
Hope Coalition
Kibō no kai (jiyū, shamin) (~"Assembly of Hope (LP, SDP)")
4 2 6
Kibō no Tō (~"Party of Hope") 0 3 3
Independents Club
Mushozoku kurabu
0 2 2
Okinawa Whirlwind
Okinawa no kaze (~"Wind of Okinawa")
1 1 2
(Members who do not sit with a caucus, includes Pres., Vice Pres.)
3 3 6
Total 121 121 242

For a list of individual members, see the List of members of the Diet of Japan.

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