Geike Arnaert (Hooverphonic).jpg
Geike Arnaert of Hooverphonic in the Effenaar in Eindhoven on 24 January 2008.
Background information
Also known asHoover
OriginSint-Niklaas, Belgium
Years active1995–present
Epic Records
MembersAlex Callier
Raymond Geerts
Luka Cruysberghs
Past membersFrank Duchêne
Liesje Sadonius
Kyoko Bartsoen
Esther Lybeert
Geike Arnaert
Noémie Wolfs

Hooverphonic is a Belgian band that formed in October 1995. Though originally categorized as a trip hop group, they quickly expanded their sound to the point where they could no longer be described as a lone genre, but rather encompass alternative, electronica, electropop, rock, and a mixture of others. The band originally called themselves Hoover, but later changed their name to Hooverphonic after discovering other groups were already using the Hoover name and to avoid any legal issues with the vacuum cleaner company.

On 10 October 2008, Geike Arnaert, the lead singer of the band, announced she would leave the group by the end of the year to pursue her solo career. Arnaert had been working on solo material for a few months.[1] The last concert Hooverphonic did with Geike was on 13 December, 2008 in Tele-Club, Ekaterinburg, Russia. It was filmed by the local MTV station and was shown on Russian TV in 2009.

On 29 October, 2010, Hooverphonic announced a new single on their website. The videoclip showcased fourteen possible singers but only one of them, Noémie Wolfs,[2] proved to be the real successor to Geike Arnaert. On 4 November, 2010, the new singer was announced on De Laatste Show at the VRT, the Flemish public broadcasting organization.

On 26 March, 2015, Hooverphonic announced that Noémie Wolfs would be leaving the band "in mutual agreement". In April 2018, Hooverphonic introduced their new singer Luka Cruysberghs.

A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular

The original members of the group were vocalist Esther Lybeert, keyboardist Frank Duchêne, bassist Alex Callier, and guitarist Raymond Geerts. Lybeert recorded several demos with the group; however, she backed out of the band on the day they were to sign their contract with Sony Music.[3] The band then brought in Liesje Sadonius to record the album. Sadonius left Hooverphonic on amicable terms shortly after the release of A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular. Kyoko Baertsoen, singer for fellow Belgian trip hop band Lunascape, filled in for Sadonius for three months of a European tour in 1997 before Geike Arnaert was made the permanent singer later that year.[3]

The band achieved international recognition through the inclusion of the Stereophonic track "2Wicky" on the soundtrack to Bernardo Bertolucci's 1996 film Stealing Beauty. "2Wicky" also appeared on the soundtracks of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Heights. The track's main riff is sampled from Isaac Hayes' recording of the 1960s hit "Walk On By".

Additional session musicians for Stereophonic include Eric Bosteels, a session drummer with Hooverphonic from 1997–98 (replaced by Mario Goossens until 2005) and David Poltrock, a keyboard player with the group on and off from 1998 until 2005. In 1998, Hooverphonic also contributed to the Depeche Mode tribute album For the Masses with their cover of "Shake the Disease".

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