Hollywood Post Alliance

The Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA), is a Southern California based trade association founded in 2002 by seasoned professionals and studio executives from major post facilities and manufacturers with a mission to serve the post production community. HPA produces educational conferences and seminars, provides networking opportunities for its members, acts as a "larger voice" for the industry on common issues and topics, and provides a platform for other industry-related functions.

Membership is open to any individual or organization with interest in the subject matter.

HPA's major activities include the annual HPA Tech Retreat and HPA Awards, SCRG (Sales Career Resource Group) Luncheons every two months, several networking events throughout the year, the J. Michael Brinkman Scholarship Fund, and recently the HPA Post Pit with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) at the NAB Show.[1] The latest addition to HPA is the Women in Post group (WiP), which began in 2013 and has partnered with SMPTE.[2]

HPA Tech Retreat

The HPA Tech Retreat is an annual informal gathering held in the Palm Springs area. Attended by the top industry-engineering, technical, and creative talent, as well as strategic business leaders focused on technology, from all aspects of digital-cinema, post-production, film, television, video, and related technologies for the exchange of information.[3]

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