Hildegard of the Vinzgau

Hildegard of the Vinzgau
Hildegard 1499.jpg
Hildegard from Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum
Died(783-04-30)30 April 783 (aged 29)
SpouseCharlemagne (m. 771)
FatherGerold of Kraichgau
MotherEmma of Alemannia

Hildegard (c. 754[1] – 30 April 783 at Thionville,[2] Moselle), was the second[3] wife of Charlemagne and mother of Louis the Pious. Little is known about her life, because, like all women of Charlemagne, she became important only from a political background, recording her parentage, wedding, death, and her role as a mother.[4]


She was the daughter of the Germanic Count Gerold of Kraichgau (founder of the Udalriching family) and his wife Emma, in turn daughter of Duke Nebe (Hnabi) of Alemannia and Hereswintha vom Bodensee (of Lake Constance).[5] Hildegard's father had extensive possessions in the dominion of Charlemagne's younger brother Carloman, so this union was of significant importance for Charlemagne, because he could strengthen its position in the east of the Rhine and also could bind the Alemannian nobility to his side.[6]

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