Hilda Hilst

Hilda Hilst, 1950s

Hilda de Almeida Prado Hilst (April 21, 1930 – February 4, 2004), more widely known as Hilda Hilst, was a Brazilian poet, playwright, and novelist, whose fiction and poetry often drew upon themes of delicate intimacy, whilst also addressing the topic of insanity and incorporating supernatural events. Several of her late works include elements of magic realism.

Early life and studies

Hilst was born in Jaú, São Paulo State, Brazil. After attending the Colégia Santa Marcelina in São Paulo, she studied at Mackenzie Presbyterian Institute in the same city from 1945 to 1947. Hilst's father suffered from schizophrenia and, for long periods throughout his life, lived in mental institutions [1]. Hilst visited him in her childhood city of Jaú in 1946, and this encounter, as well as cases of mental illness among other family members, would have a profound effect on her work [1]. In 1948 she enrolled in the Law School at Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de São Paulo ( Largo São Francisco), finishing it in 1952. There she met her best friend, the writer Lygia Fagundes Telles. In 1966, Hilst moved to her family's estate Casa do Sol (Sunhouse) [1], near Campinas, where she hosted an array of writers and artists for several years. In was at this time that Hilst began to write seriously, eventually confining herself to isolation in her home [2].

She died in Campinas.

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