High Road (Mastodon song)

"High Road"
High Road (Mastodon).jpg
Single by Mastodon
from the album Once More 'Round the Sun
ReleasedApril 17, 2014
FormatMusic download
RecordedRock Falcon Studios, Franklin, Tennessee
GenreSludge metal[1]
Producer(s)Nick Raskulinecz
Mastodon singles chronology
"Dry Bone Valley"
"High Road"
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"High Road" is a single by American heavy metal band Mastodon. The song was released as the debut single from their sixth album, Once More 'Round the Sun. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance, but lost to Tenacious D's cover of Dio's "The Last in Line."

Music video

The song's official music video was uploaded to the band's YouTube channel on June 11, 2014. The video was directed by Roboshobo.

The video begins with a teenage boy watching two scantly dressed women play a game of chess, while he sits on a throne. As the two women are about to kiss, the boy wakes up and is handed a lunch by his grandmother, who is carrying around an oxygen tank. The boy leaves his house, while receiving a dirty look from his neighbor across the street. The video then shows the boy playing Dungeons & Dragons with his grandma, before giving her her nightly medicine. The boy goes to a park to play a live version of D&D, where his team promptly loses. The opposing team shows up to his house, burning an effigy of his character. The neighbor from before puts out the fire and shows the boy his garage and helps him get "in shape". The boy returns the park and wins this time, but is attacked by the same boys from earlier. The neighbor shows up and fends off the attackers; as the video ends both the boy and neighbor are shown laying on the ground.

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