Hidden Treasures (EP)

Hidden Treasures
The cover features a map of north-central Arizona; some of the cities on the map are named for some of the EP's songs.
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ReleasedJuly 18, 1995 (1995-07-18)
GenreHeavy metal
ProducerMax Norman, Dave Mustaine
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Hidden Treasures
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Japanese Limited Edition cover
Japanese Limited Edition cover

Hidden Treasures is an EP by American thrash metal band Megadeth, released on July 18, 1995, by Capitol Records. The album features songs that first appeared on movie soundtracks and tribute albums. Four of the tracks were released as singles, and three have received Grammy Award nominations for Best Metal Performance. Despite having garnered mediocre or negative reviews, the material on the EP has been credited with helping expand the group's MTV audience in the early 1990s.

Background and songs

Hidden Treasures is a rarities compilation that features songs that Megadeth had recorded for a number of projects, but had not released on one of the band's studio albums.[†] Most of these were contributions to film soundtracks.[1] In 1989, Megadeth recorded a version of Alice Cooper's "No More Mr. Nice Guy" for the soundtrack to the Wes Craven-directed horror film Shocker.[2] It marks drummer Nick Menza's recording debut with the band.[3] The recording was released as a single and peaked at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart in 1990.[4] "Go to Hell" appeared on the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey soundtrack in 1991.[5] The song features the same prayer, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep", used in "Enter Sandman" by Metallica, and can be heard at the beginning of the track.[6]

The band contributed three songs to soundtracks in 1993. "Angry Again", recorded during the sessions for Countdown to Extinction, appeared on the soundtrack to Last Action Hero and received a nomination for "Best Metal Performance" at the 1993 Grammy Awards.[5] The song has appeared on several of the band's compilations.[7][8] "Breakpoint" appeared on the soundtrack for the Super Mario Bros. film.[9] "99 Ways to Die" was recorded for the soundtrack to The Beavis and Butt-head Experience and released as a single and a music video. It was nominated in the "Best Metal Performance" category at the 1995 Grammy Awards.[10]

"Diadems" was released on the Demon Night soundtrack in 1995.[11] In addition to soundtrack contributions, the band submitted a cover of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" for the tribute album Nativity in Black in 1994. It was nominated for "Best Metal Performance" at the 1996 Grammy Awards.[12] "Problems" is a Sex Pistols cover[1] and was previously unreleased.[13]

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