Hetepheres I

Queen Hetepheres I
Queen of Egypt
Hetepheres chair.jpg
Actual chair of Queen Hetepheres from the Cairo Museum.
tomb G 7000X near the Great Pyramid of Giza
IssuePrincess Hetepheres
ReligionAncient Egyptian religion

Queen Hetepheres I was a Queen of Egypt during the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt (c. 2600 BC).


Hetepheres I may have been a wife of pharaoh Sneferu,[1] and the mother of King Khufu. It is possible that Hetepheres was only a minor wife of Sneferu and only rose in prominence after her son ascended the throne.[2] She was the grandmother of Kings Djedefre and Khafra and Queen Hetepheres II.[1] Her titles include: King's Mother (mwt-niswt), Mother of the King of the Two Lands (mwt-niswt-biti), Attendant of Horus (kht-hrw), God's Daughter of his body (s3t-ntr-nt-kht.f).[2] Hetepheres I's marriage to Snefru solidified his rise to the throne. Two great lines were joined when they married, as she had carried the blood royal from one dynasty to the next. Her title as "Daughter to the God" began when her father, Huni, ruled, and continued when she married Snefru and gave birth to the next ruler, Khufu, who is the one who commissioned her tomb and pyramid.[3]

Hetepheres died during the reign of her son Khufu.[citation needed]

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