HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty
Bounty replica
Replica of Bounty, built in 1960
Great Britain
Owner:Private merchant service
Builder:Blaydes shipyard, Kingston-upon-Hull, England
In service:1784–87
Fate:sold to the Royal Navy, 23 May 1787
Royal Navy EnsignRoyal Navy
Cost:purchased for £1,950
Acquired:23 May 1787
Commissioned:16 August 1787
In service:1787–90
Fate:Burned by mutineers, 23 January 1790
General characteristics
Tons burthen:2202694 (bm)
Length:90 ft 10 in (27.7 m)
Beam:24 ft 4 in (7.4 m)
Depth of hold:11 ft 4 in (3.5 m)
Sail plan:Full rigged ship
Complement:44 officers and men
Plan and section of the Bounty Armed Transport showing the manner of fitting and stowing the pots for receiving the bread-fruit plants, from William Bligh's 1792 account of the voyage and mutiny, entitled A Voyage to the South Sea, available from Project Gutenberg.

HMS Bounty, also known as HM Armed Vessel Bounty, was a small merchant vessel that the Royal Navy purchased for a botanical mission. The ship was sent to the Pacific Ocean under the command of William Bligh to acquire breadfruit plants and transport them to British possessions in the West Indies. That mission was never completed due to a mutiny led by acting lieutenant Fletcher Christian. This incident is now popularly known as the mutiny on the Bounty.[1] The mutineers later burned Bounty while she was moored at Pitcairn Island. An American adventurer rediscovered the remains of the Bounty in 1957; various parts of it have been salvaged since then.

Origin and description

Bounty was originally the collier Bethia, built in 1784 at the Blaydes shipyard in Hull, Yorkshire in England. The Royal Navy purchased her for £1,950 on 23 May 1787 (equivalent to £209,000 in 2016), refit, and renamed her Bounty.[2] The ship was relatively small at 215 tons, but had three masts and was full-rigged. After conversion for the breadfruit expedition, she was equipped with four 4-pounder (1.8 kg)[5] cannon and ten swivel guns.

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