Ground meat

Ground meat in sausage making
Ground beef in an industrial grinder

Ground meat, called mince or minced meat outside of North America, and keema or qeema (Hindustani: क़ीमा (Devanagari), قیمہ(Nastaleeq), (pronounced [ˈqiːmaː]) in South Asia, is meat finely chopped by a meat grinder or a chopping knife. A common type of ground meat is ground beef, but many other meats are prepared ground in a similar fashion, including pork, lamb, and poultry. In South Asia, both mutton and goat meat are also minced to produce keema.


Ground meat is used in a wide variety of dishes, by itself, or mixed with other ingredients. It may be formed into meatballs which are then fried, baked, steamed, or braised. They may be cooked on a skewer: kabab koobideh, adana kebabı, ćevapi. It may be formed into patties which are then grilled or fried (hamburger), breaded and fried (menchi-katsu, Pozharsky cutlet), or braised (Salisbury steak). It may be formed into meatloaves or pâtés and baked. It may be used as a filling or stuffing for meat pies and böreks, and also as stuffing. It may be made into meat sauce such as ragù, which in turn is used in dishes like pastitsio and moussaka. It may be cooked in sauce to make chili con carne or keema curry.

South Asia

Keema curry on a bun (pau), a popular Mumbai street food

Keema or qeema is used in a variety of dishes:

The word ultimately comes from a Turkic word qıyma 'minced meat', and is thus related to the Persian gheimeh, the Turkish kıyma, and the Greek κιμάς.[1][2]

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