Gran Roque

Gran Roque
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Gran Roque Island
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates11°57′00″N 66°40′36″W / 11°57′00″N 66°40′36″W / 11.95000; -66.67667 Venezuela
Federal dependencies of Venezuela

Gran Roque[1] is an island, one of the federal dependencies of Venezuela,[2] located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea in the archipelago of Los Roques,[3] which has 1.7 km² (170 ha) in extent, where the majority of the population lives. The airport is located by the sea, a few meters from the beach.

Gran Roque works as capital of the Venezuelan Federal Dependencies, and also of the Insular Miranda Territory and is the seat of all the inns, the airport, the school and was the headquarters of the Single Area Authority (AUA).

Gran Roque is located in the northeastern part of the archipelago, being its geographic coordinates 11º 47´33´´ of north latitude and 66º 40´37´´ of west longitude in its central part. its highest point is the Cerro Roque with 37 msnm and has 2.361 inhabitants. It is shaped like a right triangle with the sharpest vertex facing northwest, and its maximum dimensions are: 3.15 km in a southeast to northwest direction and 990 m in a northeast to southwest direction.

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