Governor of Illinois

Governor of Illinois
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J. B. Pritzker

since January 14, 2019
ResidenceIllinois Governor's Mansion
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderShadrach Bond
FormationOctober 6, 1818 (1818-10-06)
Salary$177,412 (2015)[1]
WebsiteGovernment website

The Governor of Illinois is the chief executive of the State of Illinois, and the various agencies and departments over which the officer has jurisdiction, as prescribed in the state constitution. It is a directly elected position, votes being cast by popular suffrage of residents of the state. The governor is responsible for enacting laws passed by the Illinois General Assembly. Illinois is one of 14 states that does not have a gubernatorial term-limit. The governor is commander-in-chief of the state's land, air and sea forces, when they are in state service.

The current governor is Democrat J. B. Pritzker, who took office on January 14, 2019.


The term of office of Governor of Illinois is four years, and there is no limit on the number of terms a governor may serve. Inauguration takes place on the second Monday in January following a gubernatorial election. A single term ends four years later. A governor is required to be:

  • at least twenty-five years old
  • a United States citizen
  • a resident of Illinois for three years prior to election