Gotland County

Gotland County

Gotlands län
Flag of Gotland County
Coat of arms of Gotland County
Coat of arms
Gotland County in Sweden
Gotland County in Sweden
Location map of Gotland County in Sweden
Location map of Gotland County in Sweden
Coordinates: 57°29′57″N 18°30′34″E / 57°29′57″N 18°30′34″E / 57.49917; 18.50944
 • GovernorCecilia Schelin Seidegård
 • MunicipalityGotland Municipality
 • Total3,151.4 km2 (1,216.8 sq mi)
(September 30, 2017)[1]
 • Total58,464
 • Density19/km2 (48/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166 codeSE-I
GDP/ NominalSEK 12,154 million (2004)
GDP per capitaSEK 212,000

Gotland County (Swedish: Gotlands län) is a county or län of Sweden. Gotland is located in the Baltic Sea to the east of Öland, and is the largest of Sweden's islands. Counties are usually sub-divided into municipalities, but Gotland County only consists of one municipality: Gotland Municipality. Gotland County is the only county in Sweden that is not governed by a county council. The municipality handles the tasks that are otherwise handled by the county council, mainly health care and public transport. Like other counties, Gotland has a County Administrative Board that oversees implementation of the Swedish state government. Both the County Administrative Board and the municipality have their seat in the largest city Visby, with over 22,000 inhabitants.


The provinces of Sweden are no longer officially administrative units, but are used when reporting population size, politics, etc. In this case the province, the county and the municipality all have identical borders and cover an area of 3151 km²[2] (3151 km² when excluding the lakes and rivers).

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