Clockwise, from top: Göta älv with Barken Viking to the left, Gunnebo House, Gothia Towers including Svenska Mässan, Elfsborg Fortress, Ullevi stadium, Gothenburg heritage tram, Poseidon at Götaplatsen, The Göteborg Opera
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Gothenburg is located in Västra Götaland
Location within Västra Götaland
Gothenburg is located in Southern Sweden
Location within South Sweden
Gothenburg is located in Sweden
Location within Sweden
Coordinates: 57°42′N 11°58′E / 57°42′N 11°58′E / 57.700; 11.967UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
40xxx – 41xxx – 421xx – 427xx
Area code(s)(+46) 31

Gothenburg (ɡ/ (About this soundlisten);[5] abbreviated Gbg;[6][7] Swedish: Göteborg [jœtɛˈbɔrj] (About this soundlisten)) is the second-largest city in Sweden, fifth-largest in the Nordic countries, and capital of the Västra Götaland County. It is situated by Kattegat, on the west coast of Sweden, and has a population of approximately 570,000 in the city proper and about 1 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area.[1]

Gothenburg was founded as a heavily fortified, primarily Dutch, trading colony, by royal charter in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus. In addition to the generous privileges (e.g. tax relaxation) given to his Dutch allies from the then-ongoing Thirty Years' War, the king also attracted significant numbers of his German and Scottish allies to populate his only town on the western coast. At a key strategic location at the mouth of the Göta älv, where Scandinavia's largest drainage basin enters the sea, the Port of Gothenburg is now the largest port in the Nordic countries.[8]

Gothenburg is home to many students, as the city includes the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. Volvo was founded in Gothenburg in 1927.[9] The original parent Volvo Group and the now separate Volvo Car Corporation are still headquartered on the island of Hisingen in the city. Other key companies are SKF and Astra Zeneca.

Gothenburg is served by Göteborg Landvetter Airport 30 km (19 mi) southeast of the city center. The smaller Göteborg City Airport, 15 km (9.3 mi) from the city center, was closed to regular airline traffic in 2015.

The city hosts the Gothia Cup, the world's largest youth football tournament, alongside some of the largest annual events in Scandinavia. The Gothenburg Film Festival, held in January since 1979, is the leading Scandinavian film festival with over 155,000 visitors each year.[10] In summer, a wide variety of music festivals are held in the city, including the popular Way Out West Festival.


The city was named Göteborg in the city's charter in 1621[11] and simultaneously given the German and English name Gothenburg.[12] The Swedish name was given after the Göta älv, called Göta River in English,[13] and other cities ending in -borg.[14][15][16]

Both the Swedish and German/English names were in use before 1621 and had already been used for the previous city founded in 1604 and burned down in 1611.[17] Gothenburg is one of few Swedish cities to still have an official and widely used exonym. Another example is the province of Scania in southern Sweden.

The city council of 1641 consisted of four Swedish, three Dutch, three German, and two Scottish members. In Dutch, Scots, English, and German, all languages with a long history in this trade and maritime-oriented city, the name Gothenburg is or was (in the case of German) used for the city. Variations of the official German/English name Gothenburg in the city's 1621 charter existed or exist in many languages. The French form of the city name is Gothembourg, but in French texts, the Swedish name Göteborg is more frequent. "Gothenburg" can also be seen in some older English texts. In Spanish and Portuguese the city is called Gotemburgo. These traditional forms are sometimes replaced with the use of the Swedish Göteborg, for example by The Göteborg Opera and the Göteborg Ballet. However, Göteborgs universitet, previously designated as the Göteborg University in English, changed its name to the University of Gothenburg in 2008.[18] The Gothenburg municipality has also reverted to the use of the English name in international contexts.[19]

In 2009, the city council launched a new logotype for Gothenburg. Since the name "Göteborg" contains the Swedish letter "ö" the idea was to make the name more international and up to date by "turning" the "ö" sideways. As of 2015, the name is spelled "Go:teborg" on a large number of signs in the city.[20]

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