Golden parakeet

Golden conure
Guaruba guarouba -Gramado Zoo, Brazil-8a.jpg
At Gramado Zoo, Brazil
Scientific classification edit
Lesson, 1830
G. guarouba
Binomial name
Guaruba guarouba
(Gmelin, 1788)
Guaruba guarouba Map.svg

Psittacus guarouba
Aratinga guarouba

The golden parakeet or golden conure,[2] (Guaruba guarouba), is a medium-sized golden-yellow Neotropical parrot native to the Amazon Basin of interior northern Brazil.

Its plumage is mostly bright yellow, hence its common name, but it also possesses green remiges.[3] It lives in the drier, upland rainforests in Amazonian Brazil, and is threatened by deforestation and flooding, and also by the now-illegal trapping of wild individuals for the pet trade.[4] It is listed on CITES appendix I.[5]

German naturalist Georg Marcgraf first described the bird, called guaruba in his expedition to Dutch Brazil in 1638.[6] Its Portuguese and indigenous name, ararajuba, means small yellow macaw. In aviculture, it is sometimes known as the Queen of Bavaria conure.[7]


Formerly classified as Aratinga guarouba [Notes 1], it is now a species in the monotypic genus Guaruba,[8][9][10] one of numerous genera of New World long-tailed parrots in tribe Arini, which also includes the Central and South American macaws. Tribe Arini together with the Amazonian parrots and a few miscellaneous genera make up subfamily Arinae of Neotropical parrots in family Psittacidae of true parrots.[11]

The specific name guarouba (alternately guaruba) is derived from Old Tupi: guará, "small bird"; and Old Tupi: yuba, "yellow"; hence "small yellow bird".[12] The different spellings of the genus and species names result from the different spellings used by Lesson and Gmelin when they postulated the taxons. The taxonomic convention is to retain the names as spelled by the original authorities.[13]

Molecular studies show that Guaruba and Diopsittaca (red-shouldered macaw) are sister genera.[14][15][16][17] It is also closely related to Leptosittaca branicki, (golden-plumed parakeet).

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