Civil Parish
Ginetes visto do mar, Ponta Delgada, ilha de São Miguel, Açores.JPG
The western coast of Ginetes, showing the localities of Lomba de Cima and Lomba dos Gagos, along the eastern frontier with Candelária
Official name: Freguesia dos Ginetes
Country Portugal
Autonomous Region Azores
IslandSão Miguel
MunicipalityPonta Delgada
LocalitiesGinetes, Lomba de Cima, Lomba dos Gagos, Moio, São Sebastião, Topo, Várzea
 - elevation139 m (456 ft)
 - coordinates37°50′53″N 25°50′21″W / 37°50′53″N 25°50′21″W / 37.84806; -25.83917
Highest pointCascalho Negro
 - locationSete Cidades Massif
 - elevation561 m (1,841 ft)
 - coordinates37°51′12″N 25°48′52″W / 37°51′12″N 25°48′52″W / 37.85333; -25.81444
Area12.14 km2 (5 sq mi)
 - urban.87 km2 (0 sq mi)
Population1,378 (2011)
Density114/km2 (295/sq mi)
LAUJunta Freguesia
 - locationLargo do Tanque
President JuntaJoão Paulo Arruda Medeiros
TimezoneAzores (UTC-1)
 - summer (DST)Azores (UTC0)
Postal Zone9555-064
Area Code & Prefix(+351) 292 XXX-XXXX
Patron SaintSão João
Locator map AZO SMG PDL Ginetes.svg
Location of the civil parish of Ginetes in the municipality of Ponta Delgada
Wikimedia Commons: Ginetes (Ponta Delgada)
Statistics: Instituto Nacional de Estatística[1]
Geographic detail from CAOP (2010)[2] produced by Instituto Geográfico Português (IGP)

Ginetes is a civil parish in the municipality of Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel in the Portuguese of the Azores. It is situated in the westernmost part of the island, near the coast. The population in 2011 was 1,378,[3] in an area of 12.14 square kilometres (4.69 sq mi).[4]


At the earliest part of the island's settlement, this region was known as the parish of São Sebastião, based on its patron saint.[5] The region was given the new name owing to its proximity to the Pico dos Genetantes, which was transliterated into Ginetes. Father Gaspar Frutuoso, writing in his tome Saudades da Terra, reiterated that the settlement obtained its name because it was sheltered from ocean winds by the Pico dos Ginetes, called this [Ginetes] because it took the form of a saddle, as well as (as others had indicated) where Ginetes (a species of horse) was raised, in the mountains.[5]

The parish church, dedicated to St. Sebastian, was constructed between 1603 and 1605, to substitute an older temple that existed since early settlement.[5] The religious community also constructed the Church of Jesus, Mary and Jesus in the locality of Várzeam erected in 1702 (and, later, the hermitage of Nossa Senhora da Fátima, built along the regional roadway, and concluded in September 1936).[5]

It is suggested that the historic Casa do Monte (House of the Hill), located within Ginetes, was the first location where the autonomic flag was first raised over the territory of the Azores, in 1897.[5]

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