German People's Radio

CityMoscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Broadcast areaCentral and Eastern Europe
SloganThe Voice of the International Peace Movement
OperatorCommunist Party of Germany

German People's Radio (German: Deutscher Volkssender) was a German-language radio station operating out of Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union during World War II.[1]


In January 1937 German Freedom Radio was established by the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). Its transmitter and studios were located in Madrid, but editorial direction was largely determined by the KPD leadership based in Paris. Ernest Hemingway and Heinrich Mann both are recorded as having written scripts for German Freedom Radio.[2]

In March 1939, German Freedom Radio was forced off-air as Madrid fell to the Spanish Nationalist forces.[1][2][3] It resurfaced in Moscow, signing on-air on September 10, 1941 as German People's Radio and using the slogan "the Voice of the International Peace Movement".[3]

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