Gciriku is a traditional Kavango kingdom in what is today Namibia. Its people speak the Gciriku language.

The Gciriku (Rugciriku: vaGciriku) are one of the many ethnic groups in Namibia with an estimated population of 20 000. The Gciriku mainly live in Ndiyona Constituency, Kavango East. A small number of Gciriku live in the southern part of Angola. Their language, Rumanyo (previously known under the name Rugciriku),[1] is also a Bantu language, spoken in the Ndiyona constituency and in Rundu.


The Gciriku are part of the Kavango migration group that originated in the parts of central Africa and the Great Lakes. In the early 1900s, the Gciriku became the first tribal group in the Kavango area to accept European missionaries. The Missionaries were given land and settled in an area now known as Nyangana.

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