Galactic Empire (series)

Galactic Empire
AuthorIsaac Asimov
Languagescience fiction
Published1945 (1945)-1951 (1951)

The Galactic Empire series (also called the Empire novels or trilogy) is a science fiction sequence of three of Isaac Asimov's earliest novels, and extended by one short story. They are connected by their early place in his published works and chronological placement within his overarching Foundation Universe, set around the rise of Asimov's Galactic Empire, between the Robot and Foundation series to which they were linked in Asimov's later novels.

Works in the series

In order of internal chronology the Empire series consists of:

(However, it is to be noted that Asimov stated in 1988 in the "Author's Note" to Prelude to Foundation that book #6 was "The Currents of Space" (1952) and that this was "the first of my Empire novels" and that book #7 was "The Stars, Like Dust" (1951), which was "The second Empire novel".)