Fluide Glacial

Fluide Glacial
CategoriesComics magazine
FounderMarcel Gotlib, Alexis and Jacques Diament [fr]
Year founded1 April 1975

Fluide Glacial is a monthly Franco-Belgian comics magazine and a publishing house founded on 1 April 1975 by Marcel Gotlib, Alexis and Jacques Diament [fr]. It is currently the last remaining monthly adult comics magazine in France,[1][2] with an editorial line based on humour.

Since its foundation, it has featured the work of French and international authors and graphic artists such as Christian Binet [fr], Jacques Lob, Luc Nisset, Édika, Claire Bretécher, Jean Solé [fr], François Boucq, Moebius, Masse, Jean-Claude Mézières, Loup, Daniel Goossens, Stéphane Charbonnier,[3] Tignous[4] and André Franquin. Nowadays it also features the work of a new generation of authors and comics artists such as Riad Sattouf, Arthur De Pins [fr], Julien/CDM [fr], Guillaume Bouzard [fr], Mo/CDM [fr] and Romain Dutreix.

It was owned by Groupe Flammarion from 1995 until 2016, when it was bought by Bamboo Édition.[5]

Yan Lindingre [fr] has been the magazine's editor in chief since 2012.


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