Flag of Iowa

Flag of Iowa.svg
UseCivil and state flag
DesignA vertical tricolor consisting of blue, white, red. The center stripe is twice the width of the other two and contains an eagle holding a ribbon.
Designed byDixie Cornell Gebhardt

The flag of the state of Iowa is a vertical tricolor of blue, white, and red, reflecting the U.S. state of Iowa's history as part of the French Louisiana Territory. (Because of the wider middle stripe and symmetric design, the design is sometimes classified[by whom?] as a "Canadian pale".) The image of a bald eagle with a long ribbon reading "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain", derived from the Seal of Iowa, is centered in the middle white stripe. The word "Iowa" is placed directly below it in red, serifed majuscules.

The flag was adopted in 1921; it was first approved in May 1917, by the Iowa State Council for Defense. It was designed in 1917, by Knoxville, Iowa, resident Mrs. Dixie Cornell Gebhardt, of the Daughters of the American Revolution of Iowa.[1]

In 2001, a survey conducted by the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) placed Iowa's flag 42nd in design quality out of the 72 Canadian provincial, U.S. state and U.S. territorial flags ranked.[2]

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