Five-Year Plans of Argentina

The Five Year Plan was an Argentine state-planning strategy, during the first government of President Juan Domingo Perón.

First Five Year Plan

The preparations

Early in the second half of 1946, the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency began to prepare a Plan of Government for the five-year period from 1947 to 1951. The Five Year Plan was first announced as a bill to be sent to the Congress, in the presidential message of October 19, 1946 (the Article 1º consisted of the "Achievements and Investment Plan", and developed a number of other bills).

The plan addressed the need to anticipate and encode in a single body all the measures affecting the exports and imports, regulating the classification, packaging and quality certification of the exportable products, and establishing a customs procedure tailored to the current situation at that time. It decentralized and diversified industry, forming new productive areas, and placing them properly in terms of natural energy sources, means of communication, transportation and consumer markets. A minimum of five years was established for works and investment needed to ensure an adequate supply of raw materials, fuel and mechanical equipment, and rationally develop industry and agriculture in the country. Moreover, in order to expedite customs and port services, it was proposed to unify in each office those functions under the direction, coordination and oversight of a central body to be known as the General Administration of Customs and Ports of the Nation which would replace -with more powers- to the hitherto General Directorate of Customs.

In its article 2 º, it authorized the Executive to fund the plan with the issue of Public Debt Securities in the amount required and / or any other appropriate means, rendering annually to Congress.

The making knowledge was new: both houses of the Congress were convened, not formally as House, but as an invitation to national senators and representatives to join the exposure of the President. The event took place in the floor of the House of Deputies on October 21, 1946, with full attendance for the ruling bloc, however the opposition failed to attend. The event was opened by the Senate President and Vice President of the Nation, Dr. Juan Hortensio Quijano; and later Perón and the Technical Secretary, barcelonan Dr. José Figuerola.

The government opened an outreach campaign, beginning with talks of President Juan Perón in the Teatro Colón, first with workers, and then with employers of the Argentine Industrial Union and the newly created Argentine Association of Production, Industry and Trade.

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