Ferrocarril Sonora–Baja California

The Ferrocarril Sonora–Baja California is a former railroad line of Mexico that built the line from Mexicali, Baja California, to Benjamín Hill, Sonora in 1948. It interchanged with the Southern Pacific Railroad at Calexico, California, and with the Ferrocarril del Pacifico in Benjamin Hill, Sonora. Before 1960, The SP-controlled Inter-California railroad provided trackage rights for the SBC from Pascualitos to the International Border. SBC took control of that part after the demise of the Inter-Cal.

SBC provided passenger and freight service throughout its existence. It was headquartered in Mexicali, B.C. and had major repair and overhaul shops for its equipment in the town of Benjamin Hill, Sonora. From 1970 into the FNM merger, the SBC also controlled the 44-mile freight-only "Ferrocarril Tijuana y Tecate" UB line from border to border. SP, Kyle Railways and later the San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad operated the line, paying a fee to the SBC, and later to FNM.

It was absorbed into Nacionales de México in 1987, thus becoming a fallen-flag. The last passenger train from Mexicali to Benjamin Hill operated in 1997. Today the line continues to provide daily modern freight service, including intermodal. It is now known as Ferromex's Puerto Penasco Subdivision and designated by the SCT as the "UA" and "U" lines of the Mexican rail system.

S-BC F Unit Roster

Model S-BC # Former # Built Serial #, Order # Notes
FTA 2203A NP 6010D,then NP 5410D EMD 01-1945 2840, E636A NP trade-in to GE for U25C, 9/1/1964; to SBC from GE; to Museo Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Mexicanos in 1998
FTB 2203B NP 6006C, then NP 5406C EMD 10-1944 2572, E612_b NP trade-in to GE for U25C, 9/1/1964; to SBC from GE; at Benjamin Hill (2009)
F7A 2201 S.C.O.P. 23037 EMD 09-1949 9886, E1296-A to Museo de los Ferrocarriles de Yucatan; under restoration
F7A 2202 S.C.O.P. 23038 EMD 09-1949 9887, E1296-A at Benjamín Hill rail yard, to be dismantled.
FP7A 2101 S.C.O.P. 23035 EMD 09-1949 9888, E1313-A at Benjamín Hill rail yard to be dismantled.
FP7A 2102 S.C.O.P. 23036 EMD 09-1949 9889, E1313-A at Benjamín Hill rail yard to be dismantled.
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