Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso
Alonso 2016.jpg
Alonso in 2016
BornFernando Alonso Díaz
(1981-07-29) 29 July 1981 (age 37)
Oviedo, Asturias, Spain
Formula One World Championship career
NationalitySpain Spanish
2018 teamMcLaren-Renault[1]
Car number14
Entries313 (311 starts)
Championships2 (2005, 2006)
Career points1,899
Pole positions22
Fastest laps23
First entry2001 Australian Grand Prix
First win2003 Hungarian Grand Prix
Last win2013 Spanish Grand Prix
Last entry2018 Brazilian Grand Prix
2017 position15th (17 pts)
FIA World Endurance Championship career
Debut season2018–19
Current teamToyota Gazoo Racing
Car no.8
Fastest laps0
IndyCar Series career
1 race run over 1 year
2017 position29th
Best finish29th (2017)
First race2017 Indianapolis 500 (Indianapolis)
Last race2017 Indianapolis 500 (Indianapolis)

Fernando Alonso Díaz About this soundaudio  (born 29 July 1981) is a Spanish Formula One racing driver currently racing for McLaren F1 team.[2] He is a two-time Formula One World Champion, and is often regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers in the history of the sport.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] He has contested 17 seasons of Formula One. Outside Formula One, Alonso is currently leading the 2018–19 FIA World Endurance Championship with Toyota Gazoo Racing. He won the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans on his first attempt with co-drivers Kazuki Nakajima and Sébastien Buemi.[11] He contested the 2017 Indianapolis 500[12] and the 2018 24 Hours of Daytona.[13]

Born in Oviedo, the capital of the autonomous region of Asturias, Alonso started in karting from the age of 3. He won three consecutive karting championships in Spain from 1994 to 1997, and he became world karting champion in 1996. He made his Formula One debut in the 2001 season with Minardi, and then moved to the Renault team as a test driver the next year. As a main Renault driver from 2003, he was crowned Formula One World Drivers' Champion in both 2005 and 2006. At the age of 24 years and 58 days upon clinching the title, he was the youngest Formula One World Drivers' Champion, and subsequently the youngest double Champion at the time. He joined McLaren in 2007, before returning to Renault for two seasons in 2008 and 2009. Alonso raced for Scuderia Ferrari[14][15] for five seasons between 2010 and 2014, before returning to McLaren for four seasons between 2015 and 2018.

Alonso has held various driving records in Formula One. He was formerly the youngest driver to qualify on pole position and to win a Grand Prix at the 2003 Malaysian Grand Prix and the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix respectively.[16] He was the youngest World champion upon clinching the title at the age of 24 years and 58 days, and subsequently the youngest double World Champion. From 2013 until 2015, he held the record for most career championship points. Each of these records were surpassed initially by Sebastian Vettel. As of October 2018, Alonso is the only Spanish driver to have won a Formula One Grand Prix and is the driver with the sixth highest number of Grand Prix wins, with 32.[17] As a winner of the Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Alonso is one of just thirteen drivers to have won two of the three races that make up the Triple Crown of Motorsport.

Nicknamed El Nano, a typical pseudonym for Fernando in Asturias, his place of birth, Alonso acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.[18]

Personal and early life

Alonso's signature

Fernando Alonso was born in Oviedo, Asturias in northern Spain. His mother worked in a department store and his father was employed as a mechanic in an explosives factory near Oviedo.[19] Alonso has an older sister, Lorena. Alonso's father José Luis, an amateur kart racer, wanted to pass on his passion to his children. He built a kart, originally meant for eight-year-old Lorena, but unlike her three-year-old brother, she showed no interest in the sport.[19]

Alonso attended the Holy Guardian Angel Primary School in Oviedo until he was 14 when he later attended the Institute Leopoldo Alas Clarín of San Lazaro. He dropped out in 2000 as his commitment to motor racing prevented him from further studying.[20]

Since winning his first world championship in 2005, Alonso became an ambassador of Oxford Brookes University, to promote the new field of study of Motorsport of Business for Social Science financing 12 students from all parts of the world.[21]

Alonso and his ex-wife, Raquel del Rosario.

Alonso lived in Oxford, England until he moved his residence to Switzerland in 2006. Alonso owned a house in Mont-sur-Rolle, near Lake Geneva from 2006 to 2010, and in February 2010 he moved house to Lugano in order to be closer to his new Formula One employer Ferrari. It is highly common for Formula One stars to take up residence in Switzerland to reduce their tax bills. In the winter of 2010–11, Alonso moved back to Oviedo in order to be closer to friends and family, costing him an estimated £50 million in tax.[22]

Alonso married Raquel del Rosario, lead singer of Spanish pop band El Sueño de Morfeo,[23] on 17 November 2006.[24] They announced their intention to divorce in December 2011.[24] In mid-2012, Alonso started dating Russian model Dasha Kapustina.[25] The couple split in 2014.[26] Since early 2015, Alonso had a relationship with Spanish journalist Lara Álvarez [es].[27] They separated in 2016[28]

Since 2017 Alonso is in a relationship with Italian model Linda Morselli.[29]

Alonso is a supporter of the football teams Real Madrid and Real Oviedo.[30]

In addition to Spanish, he speaks English, Italian and French.[31]

Alonso has a tattoo of a samurai on his back. He revealed that the tattoo showed strength in his muscles, intelligence and force of will with inspiration from the Hagakure, the spiritual guide written by Yamamoto Tsunetomo in the 18th century.[32][not in citation given][33][34] He currently lives in Dubai.[35]

Alonso confirmed his atheism in a 2005 interview.[36] In 2017 he was asked if he believed in destiny. Alonso replied "I believe things happen because they have to happen. All the things that happen in a race or happen in a championship or in your life, there is maybe a reason behind. And that reason is because better times are coming, and I prefer to think that way."[37]

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