Femoral head

Femoral head
Upper extremity of right femur viewed from behind and above.
LatinCaput femoris
Anatomical terms of bone

The femoral head (femur head or head of the femur) is the highest part of the thigh bone (femur). It is supported by the femoral neck.


The head is globular and forms rather more than a hemisphere, is directed upward, medialward, and a little forward, the greater part of its convexity being above and in front.

The femoral head's surface is smooth. It is coated with cartilage in the fresh state, except over an ovoid depression, the fovea capitis, which is situated a little below and behind the center of the femoral head, and gives attachment to the ligament of head of femur.

The diameter of the femoral head is generally larger in men than in women.

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