F. Orlin Tremaine

Frederick Orlin Tremaine (January 7, 1899 – October 22, 1956) was an American science fiction magazine editor, most notably of the influential Astounding Stories. He edited a number of other magazines, headed several publishing companies, and sporadically wrote fiction.


F. Orlin Tremaine was part of an old Cornish American family.[1]

He was a veteran of World War I.[2]

In 1921, he graduated with a B.O. degree from the College of Arts and Sciences, Valparaiso University, Indiana.[3] At Valparaiso, he was active in his fraternity, participated in drama, and worked on the weekly school newspaper, The Torch.

He was a member of the Mystery Writers of America, the Washington (D.C.) Press Club and of the Sons of the American Revolution.[4]

He died at Westmount Sanatorium, Glen Falls, New York, after a long illness, age 57, survived by two brothers and a sister.[5]

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