Expo 2017

2017 Astana
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BIE-classSpecialized exposition
CategoryInternational Recognized Exhibition
NameExpo 2017
MottoFuture's Energy
Area25 hectares (62 acres)
Visitorsover 3,860,000
MascotSaule, Kuat et Moldir
Country Kazakhstan
Coordinates51°05′28.5″N 71°24′46.1″E / 51°05′28.5″N 71°24′46.1″E / 51.091250; 71.412806
BiddingJuly 1, 2010 (2010-07-01)
AwardedNovember 22, 2012 (2012-11-22)
OpeningJune 10, 2017 (2017-06-10)
ClosureSeptember 10, 2017 (2017-09-10)
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Expo 2017 Astana was an International Exposition which took place from June 10 to September 10, 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. The expo's theme was "Future Energy", and aimed to create a global debate between countries, nongovernmental organizations, companies and the general public on the crucial question: "How do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing CO2 emissions?"[1]


The theme chosen for the Expo 2017 was "Future Energy".[2] The theme was aimed to concentrate on the future of energy, and on innovative and practical energy solutions and their impacts.

The Expo 2017's subtitle was "Solutions for Tackling Humankind’s Greatest Challenge." Therefore, the Expo showcased future energy solutions tackling social, economic and environmental challenges.[3]