Expedition 52

ISS Expedition 52
Expedition 52 crew portrait.jpg
Expedition 52 crew photo
Mission typeISS Expedition
Space StationInternational Space Station
Began2 June 2017 UTC[1]
Ended3 September 2017 UTC
Arrived aboardSoyuz MS-03
Soyuz MS-04
Soyuz MS-05
Departed aboardSoyuz MS-04
Soyuz MS-05
Crew size6
MembersExpeditions 50/51/52:
Peggy A. Whitson
Expeditions 51/52:
Fyodor Yurchikhin
Jack D. Fischer
Expeditions 52/53:
Sergey Ryazansky
Randolph J. Bresnik
Paolo Nespoli
ISS Expedition 52 Patch.svg 

Expedition 52 is the 52nd expedition to the International Space Station. It officially began on June 2, 2017 10:47 UTC, with the undocking of Soyuz MS-03. Transfer of Command from Expedition 51 was done on June 1, 2017.[1]

Due to a decision to cut down the number of participating Russian cosmonauts in 2017, only two crew members were launched on Soyuz MS-04, which brought the ISS total crew down to five people.[2] However, it was later decided that Peggy Whitson would stay on board longer, transferring from Expedition 51 to maintain a full crew of six astronauts over the summer, after the arrival of three new members on Soyuz MS-05.[3] Expedition 51 officially ended on September 3, 2017 11:47 UTC, with the undocking of Soyuz MS-04.[4]


Position First Part
(June 1 to July 2017)
Second Part
(July to September 2017)
Commander Russia Fyodor Yurchikhin, RSA
Fifth spaceflight
Flight Engineer 1 United States Jack Fischer, NASA
Only spaceflight
Flight Engineer 2 United States Peggy Whitson, NASA
Third and last spaceflight
Flight Engineer 3 United States Randy Bresnik, NASA
Second spaceflight
Flight Engineer 4 Russia Sergey Ryazansky, RSA
Second and last spaceflight
Flight Engineer 5 Italy Paolo Nespoli, ESA
Third and last spaceflight
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