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The Euchologion (Greek: εὐχολόγιον; Slavonic: Молитвословъ, Molitvoslov ; Romanian: Euhologiu/Molitfelnic) is one of the chief liturgical books of the Orthodox Church and Eastern Catholic Churches, containing the portions of the services which are said by the bishop, priest, or deacon (it roughly corresponds to the Roman Catholic Missal, Ritual, and Pontifical, combined). There are several different volumes of the book in use.


The comprehensive version is called the Great Euchologion (Greek: Εὐχολόγιον τό μέγα, Euchológion to méga; Slavonic: Болшой Іерейскій Молитвословъ, Bolshói Ieréisky Molitvoslóv; Romanian: Arhieraticon), and contains the following:

(For a full description of the contents and order of the Great Euchologion, see below, under Content)

The other books contain only portions of the Great Euchologion:

  • The Priest's Service Book (Greek: Ἱερατικόν, Hieratikon; Slavonic: Слѹжебникъ, Sluzhébnik; Romanian: Liturghier) containing Vespers, Matins, Compline and Divine Liturgy, plus supplementary material.
  • The Small Euchologion or Book of Needs (Greek: Ἁγιασματάριον, Hagiasmatárion; Μικρόν Εὐχολόγιον, Mikron Euchológion; Slavonic: Требникъ, Trébnik; Romanian: Molitfelnic) contains the mysteries (except liturgy) which would be used by a priest, as well as the other services that would be commonly called for in a parish.
  • The Ritual or Pontifical (Greek: Ἀρχιιερατικόν, Archieratikon, Slavonic: Чиновникъ, Chinovnik; Romanian: Arhieraticon) contains the portions of Vespers, Matins, liturgy and the mysteries that are performed by a bishop.
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