Eritrean–Ethiopian border conflict

Eritrean–Ethiopian border conflict
Eritrean–Ethiopian War Map 1998.png
Territory claimed by both sides of the conflict
Date6 May 1998 – 9 July 2018
(20 years, 2 months and 3 days)[1]
LocationEritreaEthiopia border

Eritrean victory

Badme ceded to Eritrea
 Eritrea Ethiopia
Casualties and losses

The Eritrean–Ethiopian border conflict was a violent standoff between Eritrea and Ethiopia as part of the violence in the Horn of Africa. This included sporadic clashes of their militaries, some of which took part in the larger Second Afar Insurgency. The border conflict had been ongoing since the Eritrean–Ethiopian War of 1998–2000, and included multiple clashes with numerous casualties, such as the 2016 Tserona clashes. Ethiopia eventually stated in 2018 that it would cede Badme to Eritrea, which effectively ended the twenty-year conflict. The two countries formally ended the conflict at the 2018 Eritrea–Ethiopia summit on 9 July 2018, by signing a joint agreement to resume peaceful diplomatic relations.[5][6]


By March 1870, a shipping company from Italy had thus become claimant to territory at the northern end of Assab Bay, a deserted but spacious bay about half-way between Annesley Bay to the north and Obock to the South.[7] However, the area, — which had been long dominated by the Ottoman Empire and Egypt[8]— was not settled by the Italians until 1880.[9] Two years later, Italy formally took possession of the nascent colony from its commercial owners. Eritrea achieved independence from Ethiopia in 1993, following a long armed struggle.[3] The two countries fought again between 1998 and 2000 over the disputed territory of Badme, costing an estimated 70,000[3] to 80,000[10] lives.