Enamorada (TV series)

Created byMariela Romero
Directed byJosé A. Ferrara
StarringGaby Espino
René Lavan
Carlos Mata
Lilibeth Morillo
Opening theme"Enamorada" by Carlos Mata
Country of originVenezuela
United States
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of episodes100 [1]
Executive producer(s)Igor Manrique
CinematographyEduardo Dávila
Production company(s)Venevisión
DistributorVenevisión International
Original networkVenevisión
Followed byLa Revancha (2000 telenovela)

Enamorada is a 1999 telenovela co-produced by Venevisión International and Fonovideo. It is a remake of the 1988 telenovela Alba Marina. Gaby Espino and René Lavan star as the main protagonists.


Eighteen years ago, Augusto's wife Rosario abandoned him and left to run off with her lover, leaving their two-year-old daughter behind. Luckily Ivana was found by a couple who raised her up as her own. Years later, Ivana has grow up into a beautiful young woman who is charming but a naive dreamer. Every day, Ivana goes to the beach to spy on Raimundo, a handsome young man who jogs there. One day, the two accidentally meet each other, and in order to impress him, Ivana goes overboard in order to impress him by exaggerating about her education and family's riches. Ivana continues to fantasize about her impending wedding to Raimundo, but soon her lies catch up with her because she doesn't realize that Raimundo is engaged to be married to Patty, her biological's father step-daughter. Also, Raimundo is the son of Esther, the woman who actually abandoned her at a stranger's home years ago. Before Rosario left with her lover, she entrusted young Ivana to Esther, but Esther was unwilling to take care of the baby. While on her trip abroad, Rosario is involved in an accident that leaves her on a wheelchair and a lost memory of her daughter or the husband she abandoned. Augusto, Ivana's real father, is married to Sonia, a rich widow who has become extremely jealous, therefore deteriorating their relationship. But he finds an opportunity to love again when she meets Cristina[2]

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