El Ejido

El Ejido
Flag of El Ejido
Official seal of El Ejido
El Ejido is located in Province of Almería
El Ejido
El Ejido
Location of El Ejido
El Ejido is located in Andalusia
El Ejido
El Ejido
El Ejido (Andalusia)
El Ejido is located in Spain
El Ejido
El Ejido
El Ejido (Spain)
Coordinates: 36°46′59″N 2°49′00″W / 36°46′59″N 2°49′00″W / 36.78306; -2.81667UTC+2 (elejido.org

El Ejido (Spanish pronunciation: [el eˈxiðo]) is a municipality of Almería province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. It is located 32 km from Almería with a surface area of 227 km², and as reported in 2014 had 84,144 inhabitants. El Ejido is the centre of production for fruit and vegetables in the "Comarca de El Poniente". The work opportunities the city provides attract many foreign farmhands, who look for jobs mainly in the greenhouses around. This gives a solid push to its economy. Many of these workers are illegal and do not receive adequate payment and the situation has been characterized as a form of modern day slavery.

Fruit and vegetables from El Ejido are grown using Biological pest control.[citation needed]

In close proximity to the city along the coast line is situated Almerimar, a popular destination for tourism and relaxation.


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Source: INE (Spain)
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