El Crucero

El Crucero
El Crucero is located in Nicaragua
El Crucero
El Crucero
Location in Nicaragua
Coordinates: 11°59′N 86°19′W / 11°59′N 86°19′W / 11.983; -86.317
Country Nicaragua
 • MayorMartha Solieth Marenco Ramos
 • Total87.15 sq mi (225.72 km2)
 (30 June 2013)
 • Total15,139
 • Density170/sq mi (67/km2)

El Crucero (Spanish pronunciation: [el kɾuˈseɾo]) is a municipality in the Managua department of Nicaragua with 22,107 inhabitants.

It is located on the summit and slopes of the Sierras de Managua, east of Jinotepe, and its urban center is the town of El Crucero.[1]

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