Edmond Hamilton

Edmond Hamilton
Hamilton c. 1956
Hamilton c. 1956
BornEdmond Moore Hamilton
(1904-10-21)October 21, 1904
Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.
DiedFebruary 1, 1977(1977-02-01) (aged 72)
Lancaster, California, U.S.
GenreScience fiction, comic books
Leigh Brackett (m. 1946)
The August 1926 Weird Tales featured Hamilton's first published story
"The Star-Stealers" was first published in the February 1929 issue of Weird Tales.
The first "Star Kings" story was cover-featured on the September 1947 issue of Amazing Stories
Hamilton's novella "The Daughter of Thor" was the cover story for the August 1942 issue of Fantastic Adventures.
Hamilton's short novel "Starman Come Home", the cover story in the September 1954 issue of Universe Science Fiction, was published in book form as The Sun Smasher five years later
Hamilton's novella "Last Call for Doomsday!", written for Imagination under the house name "S. M. Tenneshaw", has never been included in an authorized Hamilton collection
Hamilton's short novel "Fugitive from the Stars", cover-featured on the December 1958 issue of Imagination, was revised and published in an Ace Double in 1965

Edmond Moore Hamilton (October 21, 1904 – February 1, 1977)[1] was an American writer of science fiction during the mid-twentieth century.[2]

Early life

Born in Youngstown, Ohio, he was raised there and in nearby New Castle, Pennsylvania. Something of a child prodigy, he graduated from high school and entered Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania at the age of 14, but washed out at 17.

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