Dove Elbe

Dove Elbe
Dove Elbe Panorama.jpg
Physical characteristics
River mouthNorderelbe
53°30′22″N 10°03′34″E / 53°30′22″N 10°03′34″E / 53.5061; 10.0595
Length18 km (11 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionElbeNorth Sea

The Dove Elbe (About this sound German pronunciation ) is a closed anabranch of the Unterelbe, the lower part of the river Elbe (near Hamburg, Germany).

The inflow is blocked by a dike since 1438. The lower end was shortened by a redirection of the Norderelbe in 1579.

Its Low German name translates to "deaf Elbe"; it is etymologically unrelated to the bird.

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