Domingo Ortiz de Rosas, 1st Marquis of Poblaciones

Domingo Ortiz de Rosas y García de Villasuso, 1st Marquis of Poblaciones ( Spanish: Domingo Ortiz de Rosas y García de Villasuso, primer Marqués de Poblaciones) (1683–1756) was a Spanish soldier who served as governor of Chile.

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As Governor of Chile

Ortiz de Rosas was Governor from 1746 to 1755, during which time he moved the city of Concepción from its old location (today's city of Penco) to its current place. In addition, he founded a number of cities:

Other notable acts undertaken during his government were the creation, on March 11, 1747, of the first University in the colonial territory of Chile: the Royal University of San Felipe (Real Universidad de San Felipe), of which the first rector was [1] This university would eventually become today's Universidad de Chile. He also established the penal colony on the Juan Fernández Islands.

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