Districts of Israel

Districts of Israel
מחוזות ישראל‬ (Hebrew)
محافظات إسرائيل (Arabic)
CategoryUnitary State
LocationState of Israel
Number6 Districts
Populations966,700 (Haifa) – 2,024,500 (Central District) 1,350,000 (Tel Aviv District)
Areas190 km2 (72 sq mi) (Tel Aviv) – 14,190 km2 (5,477 sq mi) (Southern District)
GovernmentDistrict government
SubdivisionsCity council, Local council, Regional council
Population density by geographic region, sub-district and district (thicker border indicates higher tier).

There are six main administrative districts of Israel, known in Hebrew as mehozot (מחוזות; singular: mahoz מָחוֹז‬) and Arabic as mintaqah and fifteen sub-districts (also referred to as counties) known as nafot (נפות‬; singular: nafa נָפָה‬). Each sub-district is further divided into cities, municipalities, and regional councils it contains.

The figures in this article are based on numbers from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics and so include all places under Israeli civilian rule including those Israeli-occupied territories where this is the case. Therefore, the Golan sub-district and its four natural regions are included in the number of sub-districts and natural regions even though it is not recognized by the United Nations or the international community as Israeli territory. Similarly, the population figure below for the Jerusalem District was calculated including East Jerusalem whose annexation by Israel is similarly not recognized by the United Nations and the international community. The Judea and Samaria Area, however, is not included in the number of districts and sub-districts as Israel has not applied its civilian jurisdiction in that part of the West Bank.

Jerusalem District

Jerusalem District (Hebrew: מחוז ירושלים‬, Mehoz Yerushalayim).

Population (EoY 2016): 1,083,300[1]
Area: 653 km2[2]

District capital: Jerusalem.a[›]

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