Disappearing World (TV series)

Disappearing World
Disappearing World Volume 1 DVD box set cover.jpg
Cover of the Disappearing World Vol. 1 DVD box set
GenreTelevision documentary
Created byBrian Moser
Country of originUK
Original language(s)English, various languages (subtitled in English)
No. of episodes49
Original networkGranada Television
Original release19 May 1970 (1970-05-19) –
25 May 1993 (1993-05-25)

Disappearing World was a British documentary television series produced by Granada Television, which produced 49 episodes between 1970 and 1993. The episodes, each an hour long, each focus on a specific human community around the world, usually but not always a traditional tribal group.[1]

Series title

The title of the series invokes salvage ethnography,[2] and indeed some of the early episodes treat small societies on the cusp of great changes. However, later the series tried to escape the constraints of the title and already in the 1970s produced several episodes about urban, complex societies.[3]:590 In 1980, Peter Loizos characterized the series title as "something of an albatross"; some filmmakers had suggested alternatives they saw as less problematic, but Granada declined to change it.[3]:581 David Wason, the series producer in the 1990s, observed, "We recognise that the series title can be misleading. Our films more often reflect a changing world than a disappearing one."[1]

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