Diario de Navarra

Diario de Navarra
Type Regional daily newspaper
Owner(s) Grupo La Información
Publisher Grupo La Información
Founded 1903; 115 years ago (1903)
Political alignment Conservatism
Navarrese regionalism
Spanish nationalism
Language Spanish
Headquarters Pamplona
Circulation 44,000 (2011)
Website Diario de Navarra

Diario de Navarra (also called El Diario de Navarra; meaning Navarra Daily in English) is a Spanish language regional newspaper based in Pamplona, Spain.

History and profile

Diario de Navarra was established by five local families in 1903. [1] The paper has its headquarters in Pamplona. [2] [3] It is part of the company, Grupo La Información, owned by founding families. [1] [4] The publisher is also the same company. [4]

In the late 1970s the editorial stance of Diario de Navarra supported the view that the province of Navarre should remain part of Spain and be independent of Euskadi. [5] On 22 August 1979 ETA attempted to assassinate the editor of the paper, José Javier Uranga, allegedly due to this support. [5] On the other hand, the paper has a neutral political stance. [6]

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