Dave Lombardo

Dave Lombardo
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Lombardo performing with Suicidal Tendencies in 2016
Background information
Birth nameDavid Lombardo
Born (1965-02-16) February 16, 1965 (age 54)
Havana, Cuba
Years active1979–present
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David Lombardo (born February 16, 1965) is a Cuban-American drummer, best known as a co-founding member of American thrash metal band Slayer. Lombardo played drums on nine Slayer albums, including, Reign in Blood (1986) and Christ Illusion (2006). He received critical praise for both of these albums.[1] Lombardo's music career has spanned forty years, during which he has been involved in the production of thirty-five commercial recordings covering a number of genres. He has performed with numerous bands, including Grip Inc., Fantômas, Testament, and Suicidal Tendencies, in addition to Slayer.[2] Lombardo is currently playing drums with Fantômas, Suicidal Tendencies[3], Dead Cross[4], Mr. Bungle and the Misfits.[5]

Lombardo is widely known as an aggressive heavy metal drummer. His drumming has been praised as "astonishingly innovative".[6] Drummerworld named him "the Godfather of Double Bass".[7] He has had a significant influence on the metal scene and inspired modern metal drummers, particularly extreme metal drummers.[8]


External video
Dave Lombardo Plays ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’, Loudwire, 14:37[9]

Early years

Lombardo was born in Havana, Cuba, on February 16, 1965, where his father owned three meat markets.[10] Lombardo moved with his family to South Gate, California, when he was two years old, and still speaks Spanish. He has two older brothers and an older sister; his brothers had previously emigrated to the US via Operation Peter Pan.[10]

His musical interests were fueled by his first musical performance when he was eight years old; he played bongos to Santana's "Everybody's Everything". Lombardo joined his school's band and played the marching drum. After noticing his son's persistent interest in music, Lombardo's father bought him a five-piece Pearl Maxwin drum set for $350 when Lombardo was ten years old. Lombardo bought his first record, Alive! by Kiss, to play along with. He learned to play Kiss' "100,000 Years" by repeatedly listening to the record until he could play the drum solo perfectly.

Lombardo asked his parents for drum lessons. Although they agreed, the lessons were short-lived. Lombardo grew bored because the lessons were repetitive and did not challenge him. Lombardo's friends introduced him to disco, which appealed to his affinity for funk, Latin and soul. He became a temporary DJ for a mobile disc jockey under the name A Touch of Class. Unimpressed with their son coming home at 4:00 AM, Lombardo's parents pressured him into quitting the DJ gig or face military school.

Lombardo returned to playing rock music in 1978 and befriended several like-minded musicians around South Gate. Lombardo moved to Pius X High School after eighth grade. He performed Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" with a guitarist named Peter Fashing during the school's talent show. "I'll never forget the roar of the crowd during the drum solo. We brought the house down," said Lombardo, who became known as "David the Drummer" the following day. Lombardo soon formed a band named Escape with two guitarists. Lombardo found a vocalist to join the band after he transferred to South Gate High School in 1979. The band performed at several events under the name Sabotage, but the band was short-lived.

Lombardo's parents convinced him to quit the band because he was withdrawing from everything except music. Knowing her son was set on pursuing a life on the stage, Lombardo's mother asked him to at least graduate high school. He honored her wish and graduated from South Gate High School in June 1983. Immediately following, Lombardo was recommended by his Technical Drafting teacher to Diesel Energy Systems Company. Impressed with his skill, Lombardo was hired on the spot. Around this time, Lombardo's musical career was ready to take off.

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