Darién Province

Darién Province

Provincia de Darién
La Palma
La Palma
Flag of Darién Province
Location of Darién Province in Panama
Location of Darién Province in Panama
Coordinates: 8°25′N 78°09′W / 8°25′N 78°09′W / 8.417; -78.150

Darién (Spanish pronunciation: [daˈɾjen]) is a province in Panama whose capital city is La Palma. With an area of 11,896.5 km2 (4,593.3 sq mi), it is located at the eastern end of the country and bordered to the north by the province of Panamá and the region of Kuna Yala. To the south, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Colombia. To the east, it borders Colombia; to the west, it borders the Pacific Ocean and the province of Panama.

The area surrounding the border with Colombia is known as the Darién Gap, a large swath of undeveloped swampland and forest.[2] With no roads, it is the missing link of the Pan-American Highway.[3]

Place names

The name originates from the language spoken by the indigenous Cueva,[4] an Indian tribe destroyed by the conquistadors during the 16th century. The Tanela River, which flows toward Atrato, was Hispanicized to Darién; the region and its communities took the same name. Santa María la Antigua del Darién, the first city founded in Tierra Firme, also took its name from the river. Subsequently, the region's boundaries were defined by the Gulf of Urabá.

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