Danish Superliga

Superliga 2010.svg
First season1991
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toDanish 1st Division
Domestic cup(s)Danish Cup
International cup(s)UEFA Champions League
UEFA Europa League
Current championsCopenhagen (13th title)
Most championshipsCopenhagen (13 titles)
TV partnersViasat (TV3+, TV3 Sport 1, TV3 Sport 2)
Discovery Networks Denmark (Canal 9, Eurosport 2)
Others (see section)
2019–20 Danish Superliga

The Danish Superliga (Danish: Superligaen, pronounced [ˈsuːˀpɐliːkæːˀn̩]) is the current Danish football championship tournament, and administered by the Danish Football Association. It is the highest football league in Denmark and is currently contested by 14 teams each year, with 1–3 teams relegated.


Founded in 1991, the Danish Superliga replaced the Danish 1st Division as the highest league of football in Denmark. From the start in 1991, 10 teams were participating. The opening Superliga season was played during the spring of 1991, with the ten teams playing each other twice for the championship title. From the summer of 1991, the tournament structure would stretch over two years. The 10 teams would play each other twice in the first half of the tournament. In the following spring, the bottom two teams would be cut off, the points of the teams would be cut in half, and the remaining eight teams would once more play each other twice, for a total of 32 games in a season.

This practice was abandoned before the 1995–96 season, when the number of teams competing was increased to 12, playing each other thrice for 33 games per Superliga season. For the first season of this new structure, Coca-Cola became the name sponsor of the league, which was then named Coca-Cola Ligaen. After a single season under that name, Faxe Brewery became sponsors and the league changed its name to Faxe Kondi Ligaen. Before the 2001–02 season, Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) became the head sponsor, and the name of the tournament changed to SAS Ligaen. From January 2015 the Danish Superliga is known as Alka Superliga, as the Danish insurance company Alka became name sponsor.[1]

Logos used for naming rights agreements for the league:

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