Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox
Cox in 2009
Courteney Bass Cox

(1964-06-15) June 15, 1964 (age 54)
Other namesCourteney Cox Arquette
EducationMountain Brook High School
Mount Vernon College
OccupationActress, film producer, film director
Years active1984–present
Known forFriends
Scream film series
Cougar Town
David Arquette
(m. 1999; div. 2013)
Partner(s)Michael Keaton (1989–1995)
Johnny McDaid (2013–present)
Parent(s)Richard Lewis Cox (father)
Courteney Bass Copeland (mother)
Hunter Copeland (stepfather)

Courteney Bass Cox (born June 15, 1964)[1][2] is an American actress, producer, and director. She is best known for her roles as Monica Geller on the NBC sitcom Friends, Gale Weathers in the horror series Scream, and Jules Cobb in the ABC/TBS sitcom Cougar Town, for which she earned her first Golden Globe nomination. Cox also starred in the FX series Dirt. She owns a production company, called Coquette Productions, which was created by Cox and her then-husband David Arquette. Cox also worked as a director on her sitcom Cougar Town and the television film Talhotblond.

Early life

Cox was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama.[3][4] She is a daughter of businessman Richard Lewis Cox and Courteney Copeland (née Bass).[5][6] Cox has two older sisters, Virginia and Dorothy, and an older brother, Richard Jr. Her parents divorced in 1974 and her mother then married businessman Hunter Copeland (uncle to music promoter and business manager Ian Copeland and The Police drummer Stewart Copeland).[7] After graduating from Mountain Brook High School, Cox left for Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C., but did not complete her architecture course, opting instead to pursue a career in modeling and acting.[8] She has English ancestry.[9][10][11]

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