Conquest of Santarém

Conquest of Santarém
Part of the Portuguese Reconquista
Conquista de Santarém.JPG
The Conquest of Santarém by Alfredo Roque Gameiro
Date15 March 1147
ResultPortuguese victory[1]
PortugueseFlag1143.svg Kingdom of PortugalFlag of Almohad Dynasty.svg Almoravid Empire
Commanders and leaders
Afonso I of PortugalAuzary, governor of Santarém
250 knightsUnknown
Casualties and losses
UnknownVery high

The Conquest of Santarém took place on 15 March 1147, when the troops of the Kingdom of Portugal under the leadership of Afonso I of Portugal captured the Almoravid city of Santarém.


On 10 March 1147, King Afonso I of Portugal departed from Coimbra with 250 of his best knights[2] intending to capture the Moorish city of Santarém, a goal that he had previously failed to achieve.[2] The conquest of Santarém was of vital importance to Afonso's strategy; its possession would mean the end of the frequent Moorish attacks on Leiria and would also allow a future attack on Lisbon.[citation needed]

The plan now was to attack the city during the night under cover of darkness, in order to catch the Moorish garrison by surprise.[2] King Afonso had previously sent the Portuguese Mem Ramires to Santarém disguised as a businessman, in order to secretly study the city for the conquest.[2]

After the first day of the journey from Coimbra to Santarém, King Afonso I sent an emissary to Santarém announcing to the Moors that the truce had ended, for which three days' notice was required.[1]

Afonso I, first King of Portugal
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