Coat of arms of Slovakia

Coat of arms of Slovakia
Coat of arms of Slovakia.svg
ArmigerSlovak Republic
Adopted1 March 1990 (13 June 1919)
BlazonGules, a mount of three peaks Azure, issuant therefrom a double cross Argent
The Byzantine double cross on great Moravian rings

The coat of arms of Slovakia consists of a red (gules) shield, in early Gothic style, charged with a silver (argent) double cross standing on the middle peak of a dark blue mountain consisting of three peaks. Extremities of the cross are amplified, and its ends are concaved. The double cross is a symbol of its Christian faith and the hills represent three symbolic mountain ranges: Tatra, Fatra (made up of the Veľká Fatra and Malá Fatra ranges), and Matra (the last one is in northern Hungary).[1]

Modern design history

In 1990, the Slovak Interior Ministry tasked Ladislav Čisárik, a painter and heraldic artist, and Ladislav Vrtel, an expert in heraldry, with creating a new coat of arms and national flag in the aftermath of the Velvet Revolution.[2][3][4] Čisárik and Vrtel based their designs for a modern coat of arms and flag on an existing 14th Century coat of arms.[2][3] However, Čisárik and Vrtel chose to enlarge the double cross three times to emphasize it as a national symbol.[2][3] In addition to the national coat of arms and the national flag, the duo also designed a new presidential standard, which incorporates the double cross as well.[2][3]

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