Coat of arms of Honduras

Coat of arms of Honduras
Coat of arms of Honduras.svg
ArmigerRepublic of Honduras
Cresta quiver full of arrows from which hangs two horns of plenty, along with flowers joined in a knot
Blazonan oval shield with a light blue background depicts an equilateral triangle which formed a pyramid; behind the pyramid on its base is a volcano between the two castles. Above them is the rainbow and behind the volcano, a sun rises spreading light (a Masonic eye); the pyramid is placed over the land which appears to be bathed by both seas. An oval shield with a large white border is adorned at the top with the Name of the State and the National Motto and the date of independence on the bottom
Compartmenta mountain range resting before three pine trees on the left, three oak trees on the right, the mines and a bar on the left side, a crossed drill and a wedge and a sledgehammer and a hammer all distributed as appropriate, which was in the middle and a house on the right side
"SEPTEMBER 15, 1821"

The coat of arms of Honduras features the text "Republic of Honduras free sovereign and independent", topped with a cornucopia, a quiver of arrows, flanked by deciduous trees and limestone cliffs, with a Masonic eye at the center. The coat of arms of Honduras was accepted in 1825 and is valid today. It was slightly modified in 1935. It is similar to the coat of arms of Guatemala of 1843.

The coat of arms shows the triangle coat of arms of the Federal Republic of Central America with a volcano between two golden towers in an oval. The towers stand for the defense readiness and the independence of the country. The triangle symbolizes equality and freedom. Behind it are a sun and a rainbow.

Around the oval is the text Republica de Honduras Libre Soberana E Independiente, thus free, sovereign, independent Republic of Honduras. On the oval are two cornucopia and a bundle of arrows. The arrows remind of the native inhabitants of the country. Under the oval a landscape with oaks, Pine, tillage implements and devices for the mining industry is shown - symbols of the natural wealth of the country.

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