Clutch Cargo

Clutch Cargo
Written byClark Haas
Voices ofRichard Cotting
Margaret Kerry
Hal Smith
Theme music composerPaul Horn
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes52
Producer(s)Dick Brown
Running time4 minutes
Production company(s)Cambria Productions
Original releaseMarch 9, 1959 – 1960

Clutch Cargo is an American animated television series produced by Cambria Productions and syndicated beginning on March 9, 1959. The series was notable for its very limited animation yet imaginative stories; it was a surprise hit at the time, and could be seen on 65 stations nationwide in 1960.


The stories centered on adventurer Clutch Cargo, who was sent around the world on dangerous assignments. Accompanying him on the assignments were his young ward Spinner and his pet dachshund Paddlefoot. Live-action footage was used, as well, of a 1929 Bellanca C-27 Airbus; series creator Clark Haas was previously a jet pilot.[1] Episodes were produced and then serialized in five five-minute chapters each. The first four chapters ended in cliffhangers, with the fifth chapter concluding the adventure. Haas explained that the show was formatted this way so that "the stations can run one a day on weekdays, then recap the whole for a half-hour Saturday show."[2]

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