Clément Juglar

Clément Juglar
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Born(1819-10-15)15 October 1819
Paris, France
Died28 February 1905(1905-02-28) (aged 85)
Paris, France
OccupationDoctor, statistician
Known forIdea of business cycles

Clément Juglar (15 October 1819 – 28 February 1905) was a French doctor and statistician.

Juglar cycles

He was one of the first to develop an economic theory of business cycles.[1][2] He identified the fixed investment cycle of seven to eleven years that is now associated with his name. Within the Juglar cycle one can observe oscillations of investments into fixed capital and not just changes in the level of employment of the fixed capital (and respective changes in inventories), as is observed with respect to Kitchin cycles.

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