Official seal of Cimahi
Motto(s): Saluyu Ngawangun Jati Mandiri
Location within West Java
Location within West Java
Cimahi City is located in Java
Cimahi City
Cimahi City
Location in Java and Indonesia
Cimahi City is located in Indonesia
Cimahi City
Cimahi City
Cimahi City (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 6°52′16″S 107°33′17″E / 6°52′16″S 107°33′17″E / -6.8712; 107.5548
Country Indonesia
ProvinceCoat of arms of West Java.svg West Java
 • MayorAjay Muhammad Priyatna[1]
 • Vice MayorNgatiana[1]
 • Total40.2 km2 (15,4 sq mi)
Elevation685 m (2,247 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Total561,386
 • Density13,964/km2 (36,453/sq mi)
Time zoneIndonesia Western Time (UTC+7)
Area code+(62) 22

Cimahi (Indonesian pronunciation: [tʃimahi]) is a city located west of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in the Bandung Metropolitan Area. The city is a major textile producer, and is home to several military training centers.[2]


Tangkuban Perahu and Burangrang seen from Citeureup

Cimahi, located 180 km south east of Jakarta, is situated between Bandung and West Bandung Regency.[3] Cimahi comprises three districts, which in turn are grouped into fifteen villages. Its lowest elevation is 685 metres (2,247 ft) above sea level and directs to Citarum River. Its highest elevation is 1,040 metres (3,410 ft) above sea level, which is part of the slope of mount Tangkuban Perahu and Burangrang. The Cimahi river flows through the city and Cimahi also has two Springs, named Cikuda and Cisontok.[4]

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