Chus Pato

María Xesús Pato Díaz (born 29 August 1955, in Ourense, Galicia), most commonly known as Chus Pato, is a Galician writer[1] and political activist.

Chus Pato is an important figure in Galician culture: she belongs to literary groups and cultural associations, such as PEN Club and Redes Escarlata. She also participates directly in politics and is part of Frente Popular Galega, a communist and separatist political party.


Writing style

Chus Pato's works go beyond the traditional concept of poetry since her writings bear signs of postmodern transgression of literary genres. She uses different text types —biography, essay, excerpts from theatre, interview, radio program—, which allows her to engage a large variety of voices that include, as well as hers, those of many other real and fictitious characters.

Her works are a clear mirror of a literary commitment to ideological claims. Galician nationalism, a Marxist vision of reality, and feminist theory influence the themes she deals with. She also thinks about language as a system of symbolic creation in modern society.

Her style is characterized by syncopated syntax and references to Greco-Latin mythology so that she uses language as a metaphor of immediate reality.

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